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The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) is a service and research organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Its special fields of competence include weather, climate, air quality and geophysics. The FMI is responsible for the production of reliable information on the state of the atmosphere, its characteristics and phenomena with the aim of enhancing overall safety as well as serving the needs of the general public, industry and commerce, and other branches of science.

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The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE); with a staff of about 600 is a national research and development centre under the Ministry of the Environment, Finland. The institute provides environmental information, publishes assessments on the state of the environment, and conducts research on the environment and environmental effects of activities and analyses approaches and methods for the prevention and mitigation of harmful effects.

National Resources Institute Finland (Luke) The Natural Resources Institute Finland is a research and expert organisation that works to advance the bioeconomy and the sustainable use of natural resources. Luke also carries out statutory government work. They monitor natural resources, certify plant production, inspect control agents, store genetic resources, produce data on greenhouse gases, support natural resource policies and produce Finland's official food and natural resource statistics.

The University of Helsinki (UHEL) is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities in the world. The high-quality research carried out by the university creates new knowledge for educating diverse specialists in various fields, and for utilisation in social decision-making and the business sector.
The University of Helsinki is an international academic community of 40,000 students and staff members. It operates on four campuses in Helsinki and at 17 other locations.
Founded in 1640, the University of Helsinki wants to strengthen its position among the world's leading multidisciplinary research universities and to actively promote the well-being of humanity and a fair society.

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LIFE12 ENV/FI/000409