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Name of the DeliverableNumber of the associated actionDeadlineLink
Website of projectD103-09-2013
1st Project brochureD131-12-2013
1st summary report of flux dataB331-03-2014
Inception reportE131-03-2014
Preliminary methodology reportB431-03-2014
First data documentB230-04-2014
Summary report of LAI dataB331-05-2014
Report on climatic data processingB530-06-2014
1st summary report of snow dataB330-09-2014
Report on methodological choices and tests with stage 1 camerasB130-10-2014
Progress reportE131-12-2014
1st report on the monitoringC131-03-2015
2nd summary report of flux dataB331-03-2015
Summary report of albedo dataB331-05-2015
First progress reportB430-06-2015
First progress reportB530-06-2015
Carbon footprint report (first contributions)E101-09-2015
Midterm reportE101-09-2015
2nd summary report of snow dataB330-09-2015
Midterm end-user-stakeholder consultation workshopD130-09-2015
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