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Name of the MilestoneNumber of the associated actionDeadline
Website of projectD103-09-2013
Purchased test camerasB131-12-2013
1st Survey on public awarenessC231-01-2014
New vegetation indices implemented in processing systemB231-01-2014
EO products for year 2013 processedB231-03-2014
Inception reportE131-03-2014
Installation of test camerasB131-03-2014
Method survey completedB731-03-2014
Methodology used in surveysC131-03-2014
Climatic data processed for the hindcast and future runs of vegetation modelsB530-04-2014
Product delivery to Action B4B230-04-2014
First test results from stage 1 camerasB129-08-2014
1st summary reports of flux and snow data are readyB330-09-2014
Progess reportE131-12-2014
Data compilation completedB731-03-2015
Implemented cameras (at 3-8 stage 2 sites)B131-03-2015
Methodology used in evaluating the model calibration impactsC131-03-2015
Summary report of albedo data is readyB331-05-2015
First results of stage 2 camerasB131-08-2015
Method for automated processing and extraction of phenological eventsB131-08-2015
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